Bags are one of the most important pieces that complete the style. Choosing the right bag according to the outfit is therefore very sensitive.
When choosing a bag according to your outfit, you should ask yourself some questions.

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How does Bags fit?

Even if it’s the most beautiful thing you see in the store doesn’t mean that bag is perfect for you. Try it on as you would a dress by looking in a full-length mirror. Look at the shape: compared to your silhouette, the bag can support or compensate for it, depending on whether there is any defect to correct (and on this the image consultant can give you all the information you need!). And pay attention to the proportions: a short woman with an oversized bag will look even shorter! And what would a strongly built woman with a minibag look like?

How do I feel?

Try to understand how it fits on the shoulder, if it fits well, if the strap does not slip. And then: is it light enough or does it weigh an exaggeration even when empty?
Then fill it with the items you normally carry in your bag, and wear it again, to see if the weight and fit are still right for you.

Is it practical?
That is: does it allow me to keep the content organized or jumbled? An organized bag saves you time and avoids inconveniences: if the indispensable objects—wallet, mobile phone, house keys—always have their place, it’s easy to notice if something is missing, or simply find what you need without fishing blindly! In this regard, the external pockets closed by zip are an ideal solution.

Does it fit my lifestyle?
If you spend a lot of time outdoors, travel a lot with public transport or tend to keep the same bag all the time,
even in bad weather, a particularly delicate leather bag or a light-colored bag is not the first choice. Better then dark shades in resistant materials, treated leather or fabric and nylon. Furthermore, if you need to have your hands free (for a laptop bag, or to follow the children), prefer a shoulder bag instead of a handbag.



Structured handbags

It is the bag that you will use the most, not only because it acts as a carry-all (from the series: the house in a bag!) but also because it is the most versatile: its design will allow it to adapt to a dress or a suit , but will be able to give a chic look to jeans or a more casual outfit.
Models: bucket, hobo, shopping. Color: better to stay on neutrals, starting from black, dark brown, beige, cognac. The white bag is interesting but needs more care.

THE CASUAL BAG — it is typically a soft and floppy bag, with little accessories in design, rather roomy. It can be a satchel model or a bag, the natural colors will make it suitable even for the weekend. It can be even bolder in an unusual color or with a buckle or an important detail to make it less banal but still practical.

THE EVENING BAG — there are two categories: the classic ones that go with everything and the small and fun ones. A black pochette or a metal clutch (gold or silver) usually match both the evening dress and the little black dress, and are a safe investment. While a precious and colorful version, or with important decorative elements or unusual materials is the one that will surely make us recognize but also dream!